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The Memorial Fund & Charity was created to keep Nicky's memory alive. To remember the ultimate sacrifice he made doing the job he loved.


Dennis Mason, (Nicky's father & Charity Founder) has worked tirelessly to set up this memorial fund and charity over the last six years and cares so passionately for the causes that we support.


The Memorial Fund raises money to help support members of the armed forces injured in service, or the families of those killed. This is not just through financial support but also by being there to offer help, advice and support, having been through the reality of losing a loved one.


As well as helping and supporting the armed forces and 2 PARA, the Memorial Fund helps those in need in the local communities, especially children with disabilities or special needs.


We carry out numerous fundraising activities and heavily rely on the financial support and donations from members of the public. We'd like to thank the people and businesses that give time and funds to help us.


Thank you for taking the time to read about what we do, if you can, please donate using the appropriate links.

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