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On the 23rd January 2016 we officially opened our Army Surplus Store. The official opening was performed by the Mayor of Thurrock Sue Gray, a friend of the charity.

This was a very emotional time for us as the shop is immediately opposite the village war memorial where Nicky has his very special corner. The shop is known affectionately as Nicky's Place.

We stock an amazing range of army surplus clothing and equipment, together with various items that will suit fishing and camping, metal detecting and bush craft folk alike. We also have a large stock of children's military clothing of a very high standard and sell many items produced by us.

As a charity the shop forms a non profit making trading arm, and all monies raised are donated to the charity. The shop staff are all voluntary and work hard to promote the charity.

Monies raised by us are split between Military needs and community needs concentrating on children with needs, whether that be physical or emotional.

Please come along to the shop, you don't have to buy anything you are more than welcome to come in for a cuppa and a chat. For us its about awareness rather than money. Yes we are here to generate income for our charitable commitments, but we are also here as a friendly face to the community. As a non profit registered charity, all proceeds are donated to both military causes and those of our local community (mainly children with needs).

Below is a copy of the wonderful letter that the Mayor of Thurrock has sent to us about the opening of the shop.

We hope to see you all soon!

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